Introduction (About WCRS)

 The Wood Carbonization Research Society (WCRS) were established in June,Heisei 15 (2003) as a research society to cover many subjects concerned withwoody and biomass resources, such as elucidation of pyrolysis mechanism,manufacturing processes, use development, and utilization etc, and to elucidatepyrolysis mechanism and to promote efficient use and popularization of pyrolysisproducts.

 Since the establishment, we energetically have been performing our activities,for example, holding of research presentation meetings (Annual Meeting of WCRS),journal publications (Wood Carbonization Research) etc.

 Although our name is "WOOD CARBONIZATION research society", the materialsof our research are spread on not only woody resources but also a variety ofbiomass resources like bamboo, forest-products waste, agricultural waste, etc. We also cover not only at carbonization but also all products obtained bycarbonization and pyrolysis processes, such as gases, liquids, and solids.

 We welcome variety of participants not only researchers but also manufacturers,distribution industry companies, students and organizations.

 Moreover, we welcome not only domestic participants but also those fromoverseas. We will build WCRS as the place for the exchange of knowledge aboutpyrolysis and carbonization.